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Good news

We are very pleased to welcome our Spiritual Teacher Shri Prakash Ji in Berlin in May this year.
The programme includes events such as satsang, a lecture on spirituality and several days of individual meetings.

Spiritual Master Shri Prakash Ji is an enlightened yogi, coming from a family of Brahmin purohits, where spiritual practices and disciplines were observed for many generations. Since his childhood, the Master has demonstrated spiritual powers and knowledge, has been distinguished by insight typical of wise old men.

Since the early 1990s he has become known as the spiritual teacher of an ever-increasing number of people worldwide.

Live Satsang in Berlin on 19 May

During his satsang, a spiritual lecture, Shri Prakash Ji delivers teachings of the original vedic art of living in simple terms with practical tips for daily life that help to live in harmony with oneself and the surrounding.

A satsang produces a very special atmosphere where the teacher’s word flows directly into the heart of those who wish to open themselves to spiritual knowledge.

A satsang hosted by Shri Prakash Ji will be given on Saturday, May 19, at 18 p.m.


Individual Meetings with Shri Prakash Ji

One-to-one talks with the Spiritual Master Shri Prakash Ji will be arranged on 18 and 19 of May in Berlin.

A Sadguru loves every human, and he accepts every person irrespective of his or her nationality or religion. Take your chance to meet with a Sadguru in person, ask him questions about your individual path in life, get guidance and consultation, and, if desired, receive an individual Mantra for your further spiritual progress.

To secure a date and time for your personal meeting with Sadguru Shri Prakash Ji, please, contact us well in advance.

For easy online registration, please click on the yellow ”Anmelden” button.

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Teacher's visit and all events at the Shri Prakash Dham Indian Cultural Center are funded by donations. We look forward to your support.


For registration to any of our events, please, contact:

Shri Prakash Dham e.V.

Türrschmidtstr. 2

10317 Berlin

Info & Registration:

+49 176 22257762